Prickly pear liqueur - 6 Bottles

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To make this liqueur, red prickly pears of own production are used. Cold processing begins with the extraction of the pulp of prickly pears. Due to its considerable density, the pulp is filtered manually with the use of pure cotton cloths. A mixture of water, brown sugar and pure good taste alcohol is added to this extract.

Color: Amber | Bouquet: Delicate, elegant | Taste: Sweet, fresh, persistent

Pleasant at any time of the day, it is digestive and an excellent after-meal. It is also commonly used in the preparation of desserts. Ideal for cocktails.

Gradation 28 °

Pack of 6 Bottles

Produced by: 
Giardini d’Amore® - Liquori
Via Umberto I, 609 - Roccalumera (ME)