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Wild fennel liqueur - 6 Bottles

Wild fennel liqueur - 6 Bottles

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To make this liqueur, wild fennel of own production is used. Carefully selected and cleaned by hand, it is macerated in pure alcohol. This process is performed within a few hours of harvesting, in order to preserve all its aroma and freshness. Once the maceration time has elapsed, you can move on to the infusion phase with the addition of a mixture of water and cane sugar.

Color: Dark green | Bouquet: Intense, bursting | Taste: Full on the palate, persistent, refreshing

Pleasant at any time of the day, it is digestive and an excellent after-meal. Ideal for cocktails.

Gradation 30 °

Pack of 6 Bottles

Produced by: 
Giardini d’Amore®- Liquori
Via Umberto I, 609 - Roccalumera (ME)

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