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Lemon liqueur - 6 bottles

Lemon liqueur - 6 bottles

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To make this liqueur the “Limone Interdonato Messina” PGI is used. As in a tailor's shop, each lemon is peeled by hand so as not to break the molecule of essential oils, a possible risk if mechanical means are used.

The rinds thus obtained are macerated in pure good taste alcohol. Finally, in the subsequent infusion phase, a mixture of water and refined cane sugar is added, in order to maintain a golden yellow color.

Color: Yellow Gold | Bouquet: Rich, intense | Taste: Full on the palate, fresh

Pleasant at any time of the day, it is digestive and an excellent after-meal. It is also commonly used in the preparation of sweets and fruit salads. Ideal for cocktails.

Gradation 30 °

Pack of 6 Bottles

Produced by: 
Giardini d’Amore®- Liquori
Via Umberto I, 609 - Roccalumera (ME)

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